Monday, August 30, 2010

Lindsey & Tyler's Wedding

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sara and Danny: Iao Valley

Today makes a whopping week that we have been living back on the island of Maui. Sara and I were born here and then shipped off to the America's by our cruel family. When I lived in Hawaii as an adult, our time was spent in Lanai and Oahu... and let me tell you, Maui is a breed of its own. As with any new place (or old place for that matter), we will be spending our days off exploring the lands with our camera in hand. I imagine Sara and Dan will be an abundant majority of these pictures, though if Jonathan is lucky I may allow him to be in a few, and if he's exceedingly lucky you may even see me in a few. I'll be sure to post our explorations on the blog.. and we may even start an Adventure Book. Which is really a necessity for adventure and fun, as you should know after seeing the movie "UP". Here we started at the Iao Needle, fought the light until it disappeared behind the ungrateful mountain, and then proceeded to chase the light the rest of the evening...leading us into a random field. You know how I love my fields.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Daniels Family

This was the last session we were able to squeeze in before the big move to Hawaii. So glad we were able to work it out though. Jessica was one of those people who truly appreciated what we do and that we did it for her! Man, there is nothing like bringing joy to people's hearts through the beauty of an image.

The Wilkins Family

This was such a fun session! We were able to capture this sweet family in their element at the Ozark Empire Fair, cotton candy and all. The boys had the most genuine smiles and laughter, and their little girl, adopted from Guatemala, was cute as can be. I might mention the Starbucks card gifted to us for our journey to Hawaii.. if that doesn't speak of their kindness and generosity I don't know what does :)